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How We Can Help You

We are a team of upstream global experts, each with 20 to 40 years experience.

Our disciplines cover:

Field development, management process, operational readiness, production technology, well integrity, flow assurance, separation, integrity, and water management

PEP Talk

Access specific discipline insight through one-hour calls


PEP Check

Structured system audit designed to reduce cost, improve operational efficiency and enhance production

PEP Project

Specific time and objective bound activities

PEP Threat

Pre-development flow assurance threat assessments

PEP Service

Quarterly / Annual based contracts.


Providing steer and competence to drive forward savings and efficiency.


Typically includes a quarterly field visit and monthly remote support

PEP Tide

Tender - Implement - Deliver - Efficient 


Let us review your operation in order to: 

  • Understand governance around the discipline  
  • Assess competitiveness based on “should cost” modeling  
  • Assess the value in going to market and even more important
  • How to go to market in order to achieve the best outcome for all concerned

PEP Train

Bespoke training covering areas of expertise provided by the associates.




Business Mentor / advisory service; from fresh out to CEO.  


The industry is starved of experience but ready to bring in fresh talent, what they will need is mentoring.


Being a company head can be a lonely place; having a mentor to bounce ideas with can prove invaluable

PEP Talk


Our future is lower for longer, those who adapt will win 


Ever wished you could pick up the phone and speak to an independent, impartial subject matter expert for swift advice, to run by an idea, or gain decades of industry insight, all in confidence?  Well, now you can.


Post a request via the PEP-Talk™ Link and if you have a specific associate you would like to contact or subject area of interest, let us know and we will organize the call.


Calls cost £400 for the first hour or part thereof and £100 per 15 minutes thereafter.


(Block calls of 12 or more at £350 per hour)


Our industry has transformed and we need to find smarter ways of working that deliver efficiencies, whilst accessing knowledge that can drive costs down and enhance production to optimize the performance of your assets and return on investment. We believe PEP Talk is just one of the ways in which this can be delivered.  Accessing experience as and when you need it.


(VAT charged at the prevailing rate for calls within the UK)

Driven to be your partner of choice.

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