Khaled Sadek

Experience and Skill set


In his 30+ years in oilfield chemicals Khaled has worked with Baker, GE, Ecolab acroos West Africa, Europe, Eqypt and the Middle and Far east.  During this time, Khaled

  • dealt with, led and managed diverse cultures, languages, levels of education and experience.
  • performed the entire suite of chemical selection techniques across all applications on laboratory scale.
  • managed field trials to ensure success in application.

Khaled has a very strong technical knowldge across the entire Oil Field Chemicals domain including; 

  • Flow assurance: Pour point depressants, wax, asphaltene, scale inhibitors (surface and subsurface).
  • Asset integrity: Corrosion, H2S and bacterial control.
  • Separation: Oil processing separators, desalters, distillation towers, deaerators, heat exchangers, tanks.
  • Waste water treatment plants of oil fields: CPI’s, IGF’s, hydrocyclones, separation tanks.- Water treatment plants: Water Injection Plants (water floods in oil fields), Boiler Feed Water and cooling towers.
  • Stimulations and scale squeezes for completions and work-overs.


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